A Top Fashion Item Every Woman Should Own

What will be in style forever? A beret is a mistake-proof fashion item you should own in your wardrobe. Of course, there are also other fashion accessories for women to get pretty and gorgeous. You will know them in this article.

Rihanna, a trendsetter, once said that “I want to give people a taste of the Caribbean, and show them the fun side of me.” and “I’d love to date somebody cool, fun, funny.” Therefore, she prefers to wear cool and funny outfits rather than wear something fashionable and stylish. Maybe you don’t like her styles, but she is indeed a trendsetter. Chanel, a worldwide brand, has cemented the beret’s position as the headwear to be seen in 2018-19, and berets were shown in the cruise 2018-19 show in Paris. Rihanna, in head-to-toe Dior, also wore a black leather beret, which looked so cool and fashionable. She was awarded the CFDA Fashion Icon Award in 2014 and she said:“Growing up I didn’t have a lot of access to fashion. But as far as I could remember, fashion has always been my defense mechanism. Even as a child I remember thinking, ‘She can beat me, but she cannot beat my outfit.’ And to this day I mean, that is how I think about it. I can compensate for all my weaknesses with my fashion.” Rihanna said she never wanted people to dress exactly like her and she just wants to inspire others. She said that “You should dress like yourself and you need to satisfy yourself.” If you don’t like her, there is no deed for you to emulate her styles. However, from my perspective, we all learn from her because she can encourage you to be brave to make you better.

Berets have been a top fashion item for women. You can find them in some top brands, such as Gucci, Dior and Chanel. Wearing a beret must make you beautiful, but you need to learn how to wear it.        

If you are round face, it is the best to lean back your hat. You can use your curly hair to balance your beret.

Square face

You can also lean back your beret if you have a square fave. But you should tie your hair up and show your face.

Long face

The long-faced girls can buy a bigger beret. When wearing it, you should hide entire forehead in order to shortens your face visually.

There are other mistake-proof items for women.

A leather jacket

Currently, leather jackets come in lighter weights and many colors,such as camel and beige. You can wear a black leather jacket with a black leather black beret to make you cool.

Diamond earrings

You can choose diamond earrings to match with your loose fitting sweater and light colored Beret.

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