Essentials Needed When You Live on Rocks

When it comes to wilderness survival, some daily essentials are prime considerations ahead of enjoying a joyful journey. Things like mosquito rackets, wine, a wide-brim AU bucket hat, polarized sunglasses, duct tape are must haves in rock life. Above all trivial matters, island girlfriends could either make or break one’s island experience. During my 10-year life living on rocks, there is no doubt that I have to adapt myself to such a life. For a lack of a solid girlfriend, those times are despair. This kind of Island life may be transitory in nature. No matter when an island girlfriend goes away, a piece of my heart will be taken away.

Similar to being a professional┬áMermaid Unicorn Trainer and saving the world with laughter, my most ridiculous wish is to have all my island girlfriends, no matter past and present, on one rock at a time. I also imagine that we could achieve a few things, which are worthier than drinking all wines of its wine stores. A daydream from a naive girl…

The Islands Girlfriends welcomes everyone’s coming, even just into their home for a show for running out water at your home. Are you still concerning about a stark reality, where water is unavailable when you wake up for work at 5:30 a.m. Come on over.

All staff of the Island Girlfriends bears a running list in their minds. In case misplaced seasonal loneliness haunts in your minds, Island Girlfriends come to ease such misplaced moods with a celebration with island characteristics. Perhaps it is not exactly what you want, but it would end up with better moods, because of in such relaxing paradise. At the time of attending a fancy event, Islands Girlfriends are glad to lend you clothes and accessories if you are sad about your poor island closet. That’s quite right.

If you have experienced a bad week, Island Girlfriends will meet you at a bar and match you drink for drink until your bitterness turns to laughter. It’s inevitable that island beasts emerge in your house, such as tarantula, snake, giant rat, etc. Our staff will come with weapons and solve such tricky problems. They will not leave until you can feel safe in your home once again. In case your bank determines to decline one’s card in an embarrassing situation, Island Girlfriends are happy to cover for you.

Sun Hats

No matter when one would like to relax itself, life on a rock would be a fresh attempt for all. It’s a brand-new manner if you would like to enjoy a short-term trip. Your daily life could be greeted with adequate essentials and sound services. Do not forget to lather on sunscreen half an hour prior to going out. Other sun-protection measures should also be taken to shield your skins, lowering risks of sunburn. Besides, sunglasses, wide-brim sun hats, breathable and absorbent clothes, comfortable sneakers are also necessary when you go out.

Please book our service one month before your journey, we need some time to personalize services for you. Have a great day!

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